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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this App do?

Apply animated design to your eBay active listings.

Do i need to know the photoshop?

No. you don't worry about it. It is all automatic.

How long does it take to apply all my listings?

It takes 5 minutes to 12 hours.

Can i customize the design template ?

Yes. you can download the design template file as html and edit it if you know html.

Why i got the error ?

Sometimes the eBay lock the item so we cannot revise the item description.

Can i change the design template ?

Yes. you can choose another design and follow the steps. But you need to remove the design template first by clicking "remove template from my listings" at last step.

Automatic applying or remove template function doesn't work for me ?

Please uncheck and save the option. After that check it again and save. It will be reset the function.

I need a new design theme ?

Please send us email ( info@AniTemplates.com ). We will make new design for you.

[Promotion] First month free ?

Please leave a good feedback at [manage application] tab under my eBay page. And send us your eBay ID,Paypal email address and capture the screen. We will refund your first month fee.($2.99)

Can i contact to you ?

Yes, please feel free contact to us by email. (
Info@AniTemplates.com )

What should i do before unsubscribe the service ?

Please remove the design template from you listing before unsubscribe our service.
Go to [6.Assign to listing] on our tool and check [Stop apply all my listing] and [Remove template from my listing] and then save it.
After that, wait up to 1 hour and check your listings whether the template was removed. and then you can unsubscribe the service.
If you have any question, please feel free contact to us.

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